our Mission


Bring a smile and a light of hope to poor children in rural Guatemala through a toy at Christmas.
Improve the quality of life of children, girls, women and the elderly who live in poverty, mainly in the communities of El Dormido and Las Delicias, both on the southern coast of Guatemala.


Nurture and witness the change to a community of economically independent individuals through better infrastructure and the development of sustainable projects that foster pride and personal dignity, as well as ecological responsibility.


  • To collect each year a greater amount than the previous year of toys to distribute them at Christmas.
  • To collect school supplies to donate to Las Delicias Elementary School in Taxisco in order to benefit 300 children.
  • Collect supplies of essential foods and hygiene products to improve the nutrition and health of children in both communities.


  • Manage the training through public or private institutions and NGOs so that women in the community can learn a skill or trade in order to have a reliable source of income.
  • Improve the infrastructure of the primary school in the town of Las Delicias.
  • Build bathrooms and a kitchen in primary school that conform to hygiene standards.
  • To academically stimulate boys and girls so that they can continue their education.
  • To build an entertainment center so that children can have fun and improve their physical and emotional development.

our projects

Help the Community of Las Delicias

The 7 schools are located in the village of Las Delicias Del Jobo, Taxisco, Guatemala, 90 kilometers from the capital. 

Support for the elderly in the community of Las Delicias

We want to improve the conditions of abandonment so that the elderly have a decent life in their golden years.



Paint Smiles for Christmas

The most special time of the year is Christmas, and with it the opportunity to share and bring joy to hundreds of children.

how to help us 

Whether through a donation, or because you decide to volunteer, or because you want to stop by while traveling in Guatemala and drop some gift, any help is welcome! #travelwithapurpose


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