Help the community of las delicias

The 7 schools in the village of Las Delicias are located in the rural community of Taxisco in the department of Santa Rosa, 90 kilometers from Guatemala city. The community is very poor, the residents are mostly peasants who have subsistence crops or work as laborers in the neighboring farms; what they produce from corn and beans is only to feed themselves and hopefully sell a little.

Because there are very few opportunities to continue secondary and diversified studies and because of the drastic lack of basic protection goods and services, many of the girls begin motherhood at a very young age.

In primary schools there are more than 700 boys and girls between 6-16 years of age, many repeat the school year for different reasons.

The needs for furniture, school equipment, and infrastructure are evident. Unfortunately this story is repeated in several of the country’s public schools. Why are these schools the focus of Proyecto Sonrisas? I grew up on the south coast, therefore I know the needs and shortcomings of these villages first hand, and that is why I want you to know about it.

Help is essential in order to improve the quality of life of these children and adolescents. Our short-term goals are: to collect much more school material, improve the infrastructure of the school: hygienic, pedagogical, didactic and recreational.

These dreams cannot be fulfilled without you, that’s why your contribution, support and solidarity are important to have.

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Help the Community of Las Delicias

The 7 schools are located in the village of Las Delicias Del Jobo, Taxisco, Guatemala, 90 kilometers from the capital. 

Support for the elderly in the community of Las Delicias

We want to improve the conditions of abandonment so that the elderly have a decent life in their golden years.



Paint Smiles for Christmas

The most special time of the year is Christmas, and with it the opportunity to share and bring joy to hundreds of children.

how to help us 

Whether through a donation, or because you decide to volunteer, or because you want to stop by while traveling in Guatemala and drop some gift, any help is welcome! #travelwithapurpose


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